Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rare Chinese Golden Pheasant Sighted in Meadow Vista

Another amazing creature recently migrated to the North Fork Polygon. On November 17, 2008 a rare Chinese Golden Pheasant was sighted in Meadow Vista, California. The gallinaceous bird has since been sighted in two other locations, both far away from it's native mountain forests of western China.

Photos by Richard,

Here's a summary of Chinese Golden Pheasant (CGP) sightings gathered through the Rural Mysteries Emergency Broadcast System:

November 17th: Rippy Hill Area, Meadow Vista

"2008.11.17 - The majestic bird almost seemed intelligent as it searched for a roosting tree at sunset. Looks like a cruel mutated cross between a chicken and a parrot."
November 18th and 19th: Coyote Mountain Area, Weimar

"Mysterious Golden Pheasant also sighted on 11/18/08 on Arnold ranch, Placer Hills Rd. Evidence attached. Creature was still around the following day but has not been seen since."
November 30th: Placer Hills Road near Crother Road

"This bird was seen today (November 30)! I thought for sure it would have become 'Fox Food' by now! Seen near Placer Hills Road near your home. I guess it's not straying too far..."

Photos by Richard,