Friday, December 31, 2010

E-mail Round-up: 2010

We finally got permission to publish the final eight missing email letters from the year 2010:

Dear Rural Mysteries:

I want to tell my knowings but I report to know one, no one I said if they on one of them facemebooks. I gotta ton o stories and I'll just deal more intimately with the publisher if they gotta a myspacebubba, extra iffit got free pron. Until then I will NOT tell the whereabouts of this family of rainbow striped bigfeet that live near me. I even get to suck their toes. Actually I think that's how I got to get to know them so well.

I've said too much, and I've got to get over to Justin Beaver's Facemybookpuss and leave some interestin' pics of myself nudee style I hope he likes.


Dear Truth-sniffer,

Please don't be more than slightly miffed by our apparent "selling out" to the Failbook mythology.

A splinter group of semi-anonymous adventure hackers created the Fudgebook page in support of our shadow black-ops/psy-ops division. This alt-site will be used for experiments in subterfuge, misdirection, and double-reverse psycho-biology. All the truly smelly truthiness will continue to be available at


Rural Mysteries

Dear Rural Mysteries,

I was conceived on a moonlit night under a large Ponderosa Pine in 1961 within sniffing distance of the "vore" mine vortex. You all seem to think this is a big joke but I can assure you that the so-called "polygon" is real and not limited to the shape you ascribe to it. I dare you to spend the night alone in the bottom of Codfish canyon. Double dare you! I suppose I need to be a member of your society to set you-all straight as to the seriosity of all this stuff. Just ask the Russian cucumber farmer on Boole Road... (what is a "Boole"? look it up!).... ask them if you can....but you can't... hahahahahahah. I'm making this sound like a joke but I'm not kidding at all.

Hey, Rural Mysteries, so glad I stumbled upon all y'all! Fascinating stuff.


Robert P. Johnson
a.k.a. Rattlesnake Cutthroat Johnson
author of "Thirteen Moons: A Year in the Wilderness"

Dear Rural Mysteries,

No phenomenon to report, but last night my husband and I watched a large mountain lion casually walk up our road (off Dawn Ridge North / Colfax) and sit, then lay down for another 15 minutes. There are lots of fawns being born, so I would assume that is what is bringing the cougar here. Any other sightings from anyone out there?

Dear Rural Mysteries,

I am part of a paranormal team in Clovis and we have investigated in Oakhurst, Raymond and Coarsegold. Have you any suggestions for a investigations in North fork?

Thank You

Dear Rural Mysteries

I am Gene Markley's cousin and he was surprised and amused to know that he was an inspiration...

Lisa Brake

Dear Rural Mysteries,

Hi, I am fascinated by some of the things I have read on line about you and your mysterious finds. Do you have anything published that i could purchase?? I would love to accompany you some day.. Do you offer paid expeditions?? I am not extremely wealthy,but I am well off enough to be an investigator full time. Yes I know a "bandwagon ghost hunter" you must hear from a lot of them. But i would be willing to do leg work,grunt work,whatever. I feel my intuition and intelligence would be an asset,not to mention good looks,master manipulation and above all, I am humble..HA!

But seriously,Books to buy??And also are you familiar with the"green children" found in the UK years ago???

thanks for taking the time to respond

Dear Rural Mysteries staff:

This is the first time I have heard of this group. I did not know it existed.

I have been independently investigating Snakehead Point for over a decade, based on the discoveries of Harold Freeman. Harold Freeman, I believe, was the fellow who discovered the Snakehead Point pyramid, back in the mid-late 1950's.

While teaching the first class in the country on the UFO phenomena at Williams College in the Berkeley Hills - - a small private college that closed circa 1964 - - he received "transmissions" indicating that there was some power point up at Snakehead Point in the North Fork canyon. Over the next few decades, Freeman led about half a dozen trips down into the gorge, with an entourage of psychics. They would camp on the old abandoned stone platform on the north side of the North Fork, facing the exposed rock face. And some of his psychics would astral project at night and enter the inner parts of the pyramid.

According to Freeman, the pyramid is actually several million years old. It was built by extraterrestrials when this Earth literally was a "planet of the apes." The pyramid is partially buried by andesite lava flows that flowed down the canyon between one and two million years ago. The pyramid is actually used even today as an energy beacon directing UFO's either entering or leaving our Earth's gravitational pull. The pyramid has a series of ritual and initiatory chambers inside it, according to Freeman.

Mr. Freeman, who passed away in the mid 1990's - - I was one of the last people to visit him in the hospital in Morgan Hill - - had a lot of high level connections - - including people in Hollywood. I think the story of Snakehead Point is the basis of a made for TV movie that appeared in the nineties (or late eighties?) based on the exact scenario described above. Probably Freeman's followers were responsible for drafting the script.

Mr. Freeman also told me that some of the ancient orbs found in mine tunnels underneath the pyramid are in private hands - - with people who reside in Volcano. There are actually two Mother Lode hamlets called "Volcano," so I don't know which one it would be. I went up to Forest Hill several years ago, in an attempt to discover if locals were aware of the local mystery spot. No one I talked to - - even members of the Forest Hill Historical Society - - had heard of it. And posters I placed on bulletin boards in the town did not elicit any answers.

I have been down to the bottom of the canyon twice, and once made the ascent to the top of Snakehead Point. Did not get dizzy, however. Camped down there for several nights, and experienced certain phenomena and visions, during meditation and prayer. So I have been framing a possible story for publication about Snakehead Point for several years now.

So during the decade I knew Mr. Freeman, he was too weak to make the difficult, rugged descent into Green Valley. We did make it by car to another important California power point - - and a favorite of his - - the Painted Rock of California. It was his only visit to the site, although he had been talking about it to his disciples for years.

I am very glad I have found this site.