Monday, September 13, 2010

Snakes on a Higher Plane of Existence

Our local Auburn Journal newspaper continues it's obsession with imaginary and exaggerated snake-like objects.

First, the Auburn Journal printed their original tale, stating incredulously that this "8-foot long reptile" ... "could eat a child"...

Then, the big-city Sacramento Bee published a toned-down "fat and happy five-foot-long rattlesnake" version of the same story:

Then the El Dorado Irrigation District submitted a press release straight from the horses (or reptile's) mouth (or fangs) with the actual length and ultimate fate of the serpent:

For context, here's the Auburn Journal's July 2010 story about imaginary anacondas in Meadow Vista:

And finally, here's our instructions on how to capture and relocate a rattlesnake, Rural-Mysteries-Style:

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