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The Pyramid of Green Valley

Here's another email we received this year:

"Speaking of Mysteries of the North Fork, one odd mystery has to do with a sect called the Christian Brotherhood, and its leader Dr. Wallace Halsey, who believed, and his followers of course also believed, that Aliens From Outer Space, wishing to help humans here on Earth, built two, exactly two, pyramids, in California, one of which is in the Owens Valley, and the other, lo! in Green Valley."

Well, we did some Googling and found the following fascinating fable of one man's search for the the Green Valley Pyramid. Are you sitting down??

The Pyramid At Gold Run - January 24, 1998 - Back when I had first gotten into this business, sometimes called Being on the Path, I had heard some information about a man by the name of Dr. Wallace Halsey and his wife Tarna. He had stated that he had been to a couple of pyramid sites in Calif. One of them is near Lone Pine, Calif. and I have visited it before. The second was on the North Fork of the American River near a small community called Gold Run. This place in just off hyway 80 a few miles East of Auburn, Calif. It was also stated that it was at a place called Snakehead Point.

When listening to a magnetic reel to reel tape recording of Dr. Wallace Halsey (who was a nephew of Admiral "Bull" Halsey of the U.S. Navy in World War II) it was stated that this area where the pyramid is, is also haunted with the dead men's spirits of some Chinese miners. It seems that some Chinese laborers were hired by some English Mining people to dig out some gold ore from the sides of the hill that was right along the sides of the pyramid. They didn't use very good safety methods at that time and they had the Chinese people dig into the hill to a point where the hill fell in on top of them, covering and killing about 22 of the workers.

It was also believed by the local Indians at some time in the past that the area was haunted and that if you ever attempted to climb to the top of the pyramid you would never make it. Something would cause you to turn back. It was also stated that at one time someone had found a hole in the side of the pyramid and had attempted to go into the hole or tunnel. When they got to a certain point the person encountered an invisible force that stopped the person. This scared the person so much that he ran out of the area and never came back. It was also stated that the only thing that was still left in the pyramid was some guardian spirits or something to that effect.

With all of this information I attempted to go into the area. I took along a friend and attempted to find the pyramid. We started off from the community of Gold Run and went down to the North Fork of the American River. There was just one problem. The area was about 1,500 feet down the sides of canyon. A person came along and asked me what I was doing and I told him. He then said that he had a National Geological Survey map of the area. We looked at the map and sure enough Snakehead Point was listed on the map unbeknownst to him. It was about one half mile down the river from where I was standing. I went down the river and looked down at the area towards Snakehead Point. This was near a point on the hill called Lover's Leap and another point called Rattlesnake Gulch or something like that. I was running out of time, so I left.

The second time I came into the area I brought a young man with me who was in good physical shape but didn't know anything about the occult. I had brought a Ouija board along with me and proceeded to give him a quick course in it's operation. That was a strange sight. Me hiking down a hill with a Ouija board in my hand that was still in the box.

After hiking down the hill for about one half mile, breaking a new trial all the way we finally got to the side of the river. I planned to go through the river to the other side where the pyramid was but decided against that and set up the board with my friend helping me to operate it. My first question was, "Is there anybody here"? It immediately said very forcefully, "No". I then asked it, " Will you give me information"? It said no and I immediately started getting a headache as if I was under psychic attack. This made me a little mad because I wasn't one to get headaches. I demanded that the spirit that was on there get off and put my guardian angel on by the name of Lorna. We then started talking with Lorna and found out that the pyramid was about 50,000 years old and that it was being protected by some entities like the ones that killed people that broke into King Tut's tomb.

I did some more checking and found out from an astronomer that many years ago the scientist throughout the world conducted an experiment. They put bronze stakes into the ground at different places throughout the world to measure how much cosmic dust is coming into our planet's atmosphere. It was found that about 1 foot every thousand years is being laid down. With this calculation we then could figure why this pyramid was covered by about 50 feet of dirt. The height to the pyramid was about 123 feet and it's on the south side of the river. It's probably a good thing we didn't cross the river because I found out that 3 people were killed in that river during that particular time due to the high water.

After coming out of the American River area I obtained my own Geological Survey Map of the area and found that the pyramid could be reached by coming in on the south side of the river. The map shows about a 5 mile mule trail coming into the area. I would say the trail is somewhere between bad and terrible.

When I got to the bottom of the canyon I notice a man washing out his clothes near an old cabin. I asked him if he knew where the pyramid was he pointed to an area that was the outline of a mountain just about 100 yards from where we were.I asked him if he had seen any spirits around there. He said he hadn't except there may be a few of the dead Chinese still around. He said that he had been digging in the area on the sides of the pyramid where it meets the edge of the canyon. He had found the trailings of the mining that had been done before the hill had come down and killed the 22 chinese people. He felt that the slush box that was used to catch the gold that came from the area could be found where the hill had fallen of the chinese miners. It was thought that it was just about full and needed to be emptied about the time the hill came down on the miners. He figured that it should still have about $50,000 worth of gold in it. He felt that he was very close to finding it.

I also asked him if he had ever been on the top of the pyramid. He said that he had been on top. I asked him if his watch had stopped when he was up there. He noted that his very cheap pocket watch had kept on ticking. He hadn't noted if a compass was affected in it's operation while on top of the pyramid. He said about the only thing that was out of the ordinary was that the chinese had left some of their opium bottles and other things on top of the pyramid. I had been told that there was no valuable things in the pyramid.

On a later date I attempted myself, to climb the pyramid. It was fairly steep and I had, at times, to be climbed by placing your feet cross-ways to pyramid but it could be climbed. When I got to a certain height I suddenly got the feeling that if I didn't get out of there I might never make it out, so I left the area. I never made it to the top and I have in the past made it all the way to the top of Mt. Shasta. I also later talked with the owners of the area and asked them about the man who was in the cabin and they said that he had left the area and never come back.

I also found that there had been more than one expedition that had come into that pyramid area and had investigated it in the past. On one of my trips I was going through the Auburn area when I told my friend called Bill Roskelly to please turn into the town of Auburn because I felt that there would be someone there who would know a lot about ESP and UFOs.

I went in the main old hotel that is just down the street from the ancient Court House, that is in Auburn. I then told the lady who was running the desk that I would like her to tell me where a person was, who knew a lot about ESP and etc. She didn't believe me but then I insisted that she tell me and
she told me that in the store that sold shoes across and down the street a person could tell me what I was seeking. I went across the street to the store and asked a person over there. She was reluctant to tell me because the town could be very cruel if they knew that you believed in such things. She said that she was in a group that had a psychic lady who taught them certain things but she would have to check me out and see if I was OK. I asked the lady to give me the phone number of the psychic. She said the she would, but I would never be accepted.

I phoned up the psychic and she treated me like a long lost friend. I went over to see her and she told me some very far out things. After knowing her for about a year and meeting her more than once the conversation got around to the pyramid. She told me, "You don'tmean to tell me that you know where the pyramid is, do you? We have been hoping and praying that someone of something would send us that information." I told her what she needing to knowand she and her group were planning to go out there. Later on I came back again and she had moved but I had no further need to contact her so I didn't try to find her.

So If you are looking for the pyramid I think you'll find it.

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Anonymous said...

Now with most satellite channels having "Nature Phenomenological" shows. I think the cat is out of the bag, or it is 'the end of days'; all this info showing up and stuff.
Is it possible for your team to be paid as escort to this pyramid?
I am part of a consortium of alternative energy, and psychic scientists, and I would rather have you folks guide us down and aid our inspection with your particular knowledge. You all may be interested too, in being members of our group considering your investigations.
Membership costs only $59.99 a year and you get a free crystal knobbed divining rod. PLUS, if you act quickly we will throw in the GPS bobber that pinpoints only abnormally large and unique leviathans.
Look forward as we have trucks and a whole bunch of neat electronic equipment.
Please consider, seriously.

Dr. E.G. Hardcastle